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  1. we need voipswitch technicians and wholesale routes salesman and saleswoman
  2. I am looking for a VOIP concultant
  3. DESH Telecom is looking for a "Agent and Reseller " worldwide.
  4. Job Offer
  5. Datasoft limited period offer
  6. Remote Sales Manager
  7. Junior Systems Engineer - Telecom (Raleigh, NC)
  8. Looking for voip managers!!!
  9. Voipswitch is looking for sales partners!
  10. Assistant Manager & Sales Executive Retail & Whole Sale
  11. Carrier Relationship Managers Globally
  12. MilleniumSurveys is looking for a top programmer with a high level of experience in Asterisk and Dialer Scripts for ROBOCALLING.
  13. Looking for voip managers!!!
  14. Looking For A Sales Manager By Commision.
  15. Remote Sales Representative Required
  16. work from home from $500-$2000 it depend on you
  17. work in nigeria get paid fast
  18. work in south sudan
  19. Looking For Motivated Sales Person
  20. Become our reseller
  21. We are looking for resellers
  23. Looking for a job.
  24. Looking for VOS3000 Consultant
  25. Needed VoIP sales managers/accounts managers
  26. GMS TECHNOLOGY (UK) LTD, Required Senior Sales Persons / Sales Manaager
  27. Vacancy for Carrier Relationship managers/ sales managers
  28. Looking for Bandwidth Optimizer Reseller/Agent
  29. Looking for sales manager. GOOOD % Pay!
  30. Bova Group S.A. looking for sales managers.
  31. Donatel l.l.c Required Senior Sales Persons / Sales Manaager
  32. Bova Group S.A. looking for sales managers
  33. VoIP Systems Engineer (m/f) in the Vienna area/Austria
  34. Looking for voip engineers and traders (Prefferably from Bangladesh or India)
  35. Become our reseller and start earning money immediately!
  37. Looking for a patner, we are based in Morocco
  38. Sales Manager of VoiP
  39. Job Offer - Sales & Marketing - working from home
  40. Need serious partner to setup gateways in africa
  41. voip technical Support.
  42. Looking for job
  43. Looking for a Job as sales manager
  44. looking for job as a noc
  45. Looking for a Job as VoIP NOC / Sales Manager ( Full experience in VoIP)
  46. looking for a job - expert in VOIP (iqsim+goips..) - local support
  47. Auto voip dialer
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