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11-05-2015, 10:53 AM
Dear Valued Provider

Please add me on your skype: chris.tele2call

Tele2call LLC established and registered in USA.This company is formed to develop the communication industries with its own unique technical skills and customer service quality. Tele2call LLC Deal with A-Z termination and origination.Tele2call is the global voice service provider in both retail and wholesale telecommunication sectors.
we are looking quality,stable and direct non cli routes. we have huge live traffic for A to Z non cli route.

Our Mega Traffic available to:

500k to Thailand Mobile all,
100k traffic to Paraguay Personal,
100k to Sri Lanka Bell,
400k to Sudan Zain,
300k to Tunisia,
200k to Uzbekistan beeline,
100k to Indonesia Excelcom,
100k to Kuwait zain,
50k to Macedonia,
200k to Nigeria Mobile MTN,
60k to Philippines Mobile Smart,
150k to Romania Mobile Orange,
200k to Russia Moscow,
100k to Ukraine kev,
200k to Albania AMC,
100k to Albania Vodafone,
100k to BD all,
60k to Libya,
200k to Kenya
50k to Morocco,
100k to Serbia,
100k to Saudi,
80k to Iran Tehran,
100k to India all,
200k to Ethiopia mobile all,
90k to Republic of Congo,
200k to Bosnia,
300k to Argentina,
60k to Azerbaijan,

We have traffic to below destinations .
Afghanistan mobile all
Albania mobile all
Algeria mobile all
Azerbaijan mobile all
Bangladesh mobile all
Djibouti Mobile all
Egypt all
El Salvador Mobile all
Gambia all
Guatemala Comcell
Guinea Mobile all
Honduras All
Indonesia Telkomsel
Iran MTN Mobile
Iran Tehran
Iraq mobile all
Israel Mobile all
Jordan mobile Umniah
Kazakhstan proper
Kenya all
Kuwait Mobile Zain
Kuwait mobile Viva & wataniya
Lebanon Mobile all
Lebanon Proper
Libya all
Malaysia Mobile all
Mali mobile all
Morocco mobile all
Myanmar all
Nepal all
Niger mobile all
Nigeria Mobile MTN
Oman mobile all
Qatar mobile all
Saudi mobile all
Senegal Mobile Orange
Somalia All
Sudan mobile all
Syria mobile
Taiwan mobile
Tunisia Mobile Orascom
UAE mobile
Turkey Mobile
Uzbekistan All
Yemen Mobile all

** We have also retail traffic to A-Z destinations.

If you have and any one of them with stable and good quality, you can contact.
We are looking forward to hearing you.
Early response will be highly appreciated. For instant contact please add me on live skype.

Chris Sevier
Business development manager
Company name: Tele2call LLC
skype ID: chris.tele2call
mail ID: sales1@tele2call.com
Company Address:1007 Hartmont RD,Catonsville,Maryland 21228,USA.
Business Phone: +1(443) 743 8899