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06-23-2016, 08:02 PM
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Canada Call Shop is an unique and unmatched Voice quality service provider all over the world located in Hamilton, Canada . Canada Call Shop mostly deals with A-Z wholesale call termination with massive minute per day .We are the voice service provider in CLI, Premium Rate Numbers, Retail and Wholesale Telecommunication Sectors. This company is formed to develop the communication industries with its own unique technical skills and customer service quality.
If you have any of this below destinations route to offer please contact with us.We can arrange good volume traffic as given below:

Looking Stable In-Country NCLI & CLI Routes For Below Destinations :

Afghanistan AWCC >>>100k
Afghnaistan MTN >>>30k
Afghnaistan Roshan >>>80k
Algeria Watynia & Orascom >>>50k
Albania Mobile All >>> 100k
Angola Unitel Mobile >>>100k
Armenia Mobile All >>> 50k

Bangladesh Mobile All >>>3000k
Bangladesh Mobile All (CLI & IGW) >>> 2000k
Belarus Proper & Mobile >>>50k
Bolivia Mobile All >>> 40k
Burkina Faso Airtel >>> 40k
Baharain Proper & Mobile >>>30k

Cambodia Mobile All >>> 40k
Cambodia Mobile All (CLI) >>> 50k
Cameroon MTN >>>50k
Cameroon Orange >>> 30k
Chile Mobile All >>> 20k
Chad Mobile All >>> 20k
Cote Divoire Mobile All >>> 50k
Cuba Mobile All >>> 100k
Cuba Mobile All (CLI) >>> 50k

Dr Of Congo Mobile All >>>50k
Dominica Mobile >>> 30k

Ethiopia Mobile All >>> 100k
Eritrea Mobile All >>> 30k
Ecuador Mobile Porta >>>30k
Egypt All Mobile >>> 60k
El Salvador Telefonica & Digicel >>> 50k
Estonia Mobile All >>> 50k
Estonia Premium >>> 10k

Ghana Mobile MTN >>> 50k
Ghana Mobile Vodafone >>> 30k
Ghana Airtel & Tigo >>> 30k
Georgia Geocell & Mobitel >>> 50k
Germany Mobile All & Proper >>> 30k
Guatemala Comcel & Telefonica >>> 50k
Guinea Mobile All >>>20k

Haiti Mobile Comcel & Digicel >>>50k
Honduras Celtel & Digicell >>> 40k

India Mobile All >>> 300k
India Mobile All (CLI) >>>500k
Indonesia Telkomcel & Excelcom >>> 200k
Iraq Asiacell >>>100k
Iraq Korektel >>>`100k
Iraq Zain >>> 100k
Iraq Proper >>> 50k

Jamaica Digicell & Mobile All >>>50k
Jordan Mobile Zain >>> 50k
Jordan Mobile Orange >>> 30k
Kazakhstan K-Cell Mobile >>> 50k
Kenya Mobile All >>> 50k
Kuwait Watynia Mobile >>> 50k
Kuwait Viva >>> 50k
Kuwait Zain >>> 50k
Kuwait Proper >>> 30k
Kyrgyzstan Bimocom & Nur Telecom >>>50k

Laos Mobile All >>> 50k
Laos Proper >>> 50k
Liberia Mobile All >>> 50k
Lebanon Mobile >>> 50k
Libya Mobile All >>> 50k

Mali Mobile >>> 50k
Morocco IAM Mobile >>> 50k
Mozambique Vodaocom/Mcell/Movitel >>> 100k
Myanmar Mobile >>> 30k

Nepal Spice Mobile >>> 50k
Nepal NTC >>> 40k
Nepal Smart >>> 40k
Nepal Mobile (CLI) >>> 100k
Nigeria MTN Mobile >>> 40k
Nicargua Mobile >>> 50k

Oman Mobile All >>> 60k

Pakistan Mobile All >>>500k
Pakistan Proper >>> 200k
Pakistan Mobile (CLI) >>> 500k
Panama Movistar >>> 30k
Phillipines Smart Mobile >>> 40k

Qatar Mobile Vodafone & Orange >>> 50k

Romania Orange & Vodafone >>> 30k
Romania Proper >>> 10k
Russia Mobile Beeline >>> 50k
Russia MTS Mobile >>> 50k
Russia Megafone Mobile >>> 50k
Russia Proper >>>100k

Saudi Arabia Mobile STC >>> 100k
Saudi Arabia Mobile Zain >>> 80k
Saudi Arabia Mobile Mobily >>> 50k
Senegal Orange Mobile >>>100k
Senegal Mobile All (CLI)>>> 50k
Serbia VIP Mobile >>> 30k
Serbia Telenor Mobile >>> 20k
Slovakia Orange Mobile >>> 50k
Slovakia Mobile (CLI) >>> 40k
Somalia Hormud Mobile >>>20k
Srilanka Celtel >>> 30k
Srilanka Airtel >>> 50k
Srilanka Hutch >>> 50k
Sudan Zain Mobile >>>100k
Syria Mobile MTN >>> 50k
Syria Proper >>> 20k

Tajikistan Mobile All >>>40k
Tanzania Mobile All >>> 40k
Tanzania Proper >>> 20k
Thailand Mobile & Proper >>> 100k
Turkey Mobile Turkcell >>> 100k
Turkey Mobile Vodafone >>> 40k
Turkey Proper >>> 50k

Ukraine Mobile MTS >>> 50k
Ukraine Mobile Kyvistar >>> 50k
UAE Mobile All >>> 100k
Uzbekhistan Mobile All >>> 100k

Venezuela Mobile All >>> 50k
Venezuela Proper >>> 20k
Vietnam Mobifone Mobile >>> 40k
Vietnam Vinafone Mobile >>> 40k
Vietnam Viettel Mobile >>> 80k
Vietnam Proper >>> 30k

Yemen MTN & Sabafone Mobile >>> 50k
Yemen Proper >>>20k

Zambia Celtel Mobile >>> 50k
Zimbabwe Econet Mobile >>> 20k

If you have any other NCLI A-Z Direct Route please let me Know. We have Huge Volume Traffic For A-Z NCLI Direct Routes. If you seems anykind of SBO & VPN issue please let us know, we also provide SBO & VPN very aggressive rate.

For more discussion Please add my Skype : Xavier.zachary.ccs Send me your offer rate and route stats at: Xavier.fernandez@canadacallshop.com

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