View Full Version : Domestic Dialer, IVR Setup @ Unbelievable Rates

02-05-2013, 10:45 AM
You have heard that Call Centers are very profitable. We agree!
You have heard that you need Millions to start one. We disagree!
Now you can start a Call Center in just a few nickles per hour.

We are the FASTEST & ECONOMICAL way for you to start a Call Center.
Contact us and we will get you started today.
Purchase Model Starting @ 4500 INR Inclusive of Hardware (Min 10 Seats),
Rental @900 INR Per Seat Per Month,
EMI Model @ 1200 INR Per Seat for 5 Months.

Contact: - Rajesh Atal
avyukta.sales@dialerindia.com, Avyukta.sales @ Skype and G Talk
Web: www.callcentervoipdialer.com, www.dialerindia.com