View Full Version : Voip-Pal.Com Updates Its Patent Pending Applications for Lawful Intercept and RBR

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12-25-2012, 04:34 PM
Voip-Pal.Com, Inc. recently announced the status update on its patent-pending applications for lawful intercept and routing, billing and rating (RBR). The company’s lawful intercept and RBR patent applications are all a part of its acquisition of Gibraltar-based Digifonica (International) Limited. Voip-Pal.Com, Inc. is a broadband VoIP telecom cmpany that provides business and residential customers with local and long distance VoIP services.

The Lawful Intercept Patent Application of Digifonica’s which is called “Intercepting Voice Over IP Communications and other Data Transmissions” was officially filed on November 29, 2007. The company’s Routing, Billing and Rating (“RBR”) Patent Application which is called “Producing Routing Messages for Voice Over IP Communications” was filed on November 1, 2007.

The United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has completed examination of both Patent Applications. Based on this evaluation, Voip-Pal has already provided the requisite amendments and arguments. The company has submitted the amended Lawful Intercept and the RBR Patent Applications to the USPTO.

Voip-Pal/Digifonica’s Lawful Intercept Patent Application essentially focuses on the most optimized method for intercepting voice over the Internet. The technology solution will serve to address both the national and international demand by governments that are pushing for scheduled and live intercepts (wire-taps) on digital voice telephone conversations by law agencies. The importance of the patent application increases as an increasing number of countries across the globe are keen that telecom companies have lawful intercept capability.

The patent application “Producing Routing Messages for Voice over IP Communications” or routing, billing and rating, covers unified routing, billing and rating. The RBR solution includes a variety of proprietary elements such as advanced application programming interfaces (APIs) which will enable Voip-Pal to allow its customers to carry out subscriber management via their currently in use subscriber management and billing platforms.