View Full Version : We invite serious individual and groups to start reselling our services with no inves

12-26-2012, 04:02 AM
We offer four plans for our Resellers -

Platinum (minimum buying of $5000 or more) - Rate to India - $0.009765
Gold (minimum buying between $2500 - $5000) - Rate to India - $0.009951
Silver (minimum buying between $1000 - $2500) - Rate to India - $0.01023
Bronze (if buying less than $1000) - Rate to India - $0.010695

Rates to other destinations could be had from our website www.hayogulf.com. The rate sheet that you'll find on the website is for the end-customers and as our Reseller you will have a discount of about 40-45% on those rates.

You can start by testing our service on your smartphone or PC/Laptop. Once you are satisfied, kindly give us a call or chat with us on the below mentioned numbers and ID's to set up your Reseller Account, make payment, and start generating pins for your customers.

We look forward to having a mutually beneficial business with you.