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06-12-2013, 06:53 AM
Get most ROI on Vox Switch advanced features available at best price!

Vox Switch is specifically designed and made for the business driven users such as VoIP providers, Resellers, Sub-resellers, Wholesale Gateway Subscriber and many more.

Vox Switch is comprehensive it supports all business models and covers all the necessary functions such as Switching, Routing, Billing, Administration, Provisioning, and Reporting.

Features of Vox Switch

Support for Symbian, Windows, Android, Blackberry and iOS users.
Provisions for Instant Messaging, Conference calls and many other modules.
Authorization of calls via the IP Address or Username and Password.
Capability to work together with numerous Gateways, IP Phones and VoIP Gadgets.
Supports all business models - Wholesale and Carrier Grade Business Model being few of them.
Generating Automated Reports, Stats etc - Payment, Invoice, Profit etc.
Dashboard option, which updates the system once every 5 seconds.

Added Features
Numerous features have also been added to Vox Switch to give it that extra edge over others- features such as Balance/Payment Management, Tariff Plan Management, Live Call Monitoring, CDR Reporting and many more, making life easy at the expense of best quality.

For further information on Vox Switch -
URL: http://www.voxvalley.com/vox-switch.html
Email: sales@voxvalley.com (mailto:sales@voxvalley.com)
Phone: +91 8790013737