View Full Version : Hypermedia systems offers new traffic analyzer and monitoring saas

06-18-2013, 07:34 AM
Now available from Hypermedia a cloud-based SaaS for GSM Gateway monitoring which provides HG-4000 owners and users with real-time information about HG-4000 systems' performance.

HyperTam (http://www.hyperms.com/services/traffic-analyzer.html) offers a reliable solution for traffic terminators who are looking to have more control over their operations both locally and remotely. Moreover, it enables prompt troubleshooting as a direct result of its near real-time alerting capabilities, provides increased reliability thus reducing operational costs, and minimizes loss of outbound cellular traffic by decreasing unexpected system downtime.

The main advantages of the HyperTam are real-time monitoring of gateway performance; predefined report generation; easy to use email and SMS alerts for various parameters (ASR: Answer Seizure Ratio, ACD: Average Call Duration, etc.) with configurable thresholds and a wide range of customized alarms to match your operational needs. (You can watch the HyperTam video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7A84xWz-gQ))

Interested? Try it now! (http://www.hyperms.com/services/traffic-analyzer.html)

Register now (http://service.hyperms.com/account/register.php) and get 14 days free!!!