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  1. High Quality VoIP Gateway, IP Phone on Sale

    # 8/16/32 Ports 32/64/128/256/512 SIM Cards GSM WCDMA 4G VoIP Gateway For Call Origination and Termination

    # 2/4/6 Lines VoIP SIP Video WiFi Wireless IP Phone

    High Quality! Best Price! 24/7...
  2. 2018 Best Price 8/16/32/64 SIM Ports USB 2.0 3G WCDMA Modem for Bulk SMS

    #SMS Black Cat Pool
    #Bulk SMS Sending
    #High Speed 2800~3000 pics/Hr.

    High Quality! Best Price! 24/7 Tech Support! 12Months Warranty!

    Any question feel free to contact me at any time!
  3. Urgently Looking for * 9234//9231//9230//9233* Routes!

    Urgently Looking for * 9234//9231//9230//9233* Routes!

    Huge retail traffic available!!

    Direct vendors please contact me.


    Skype: Elaine Guo -China Skyline
  4. In Urgent Need of Indonesia SMS ROUTE!

    Dear VoIP Carriers/Partners,

    Good day, Sir. This is Elaine from China Skyline.

    Were looking for stable/good quality, direct Indonesia SMS routes for bulk volume of live traffic.

  5. In Urgent Need of Indonesia SMS ROUTE!

    In Urgent Need of Indonesia SMS ROUTE!

    Good stable payment, no delay, no default!

    Urgent need Indonesia SMS ROUTE!

    Contact me RIGHT AWAY! RIGHT NOW!

    Skype: Elaine Guo -China...
  6. High Quality Best Price GoIP Gateway on sale!!

    *Hello, Im Elaine from China Skyline. Our company was founded in 2007, China Skyline Telecom Co., Ltd. is specialized in VoIP products with more than ten years' experience. More than 200 companies...
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