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  1. Top 5 Free and Open Source Project Management Software

    Project management software is the software use for planning, organizing, and manage resource tools and develop resource estimates. It allows the project manager to manage estimation and planning,...
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    Download Free CRM Software Solution

    CRM(Customer relationship management) software is a type of software that consist of the wider set of applications and software designed to help businesses, manage customer data and customer...
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    Asterisk VS Freeswitch Software battle

    Asterisk vs FreeSWITCH is a debate of selection a good VoIP(voice over internet protocol) communication platform. Before going to discuss in detail about FreeSWITCH vs Asterisk it would be better to...
  4. Pay as you go price based unified communication solution

    Call4Smile is a hosted unified broadcasting service that offers Voice, SMS and Fax broadcasting online. You don't have to buy any software. Just need to have access to the Internet and a web browser...
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    ICT Innovation- Telephony solution provider

    ICT Innovations is open source based solution provider focused to provide creative business solutions to Internet Telephony Service Providers to find new ways to generate their revenue by offering...
  6. WHMCS integration with ICTBroadcast released for SaaS Billing

    ICTBroadcast has released a new SaaS billing module for ICTBroadcast Service Provider edition. This module will allow WHMCS to be used as Client Management and Billing front-end for ICTBroadcast,...
  7. SMS Broadcasting Autodialer Software needed ?

    Please visit this link for sms broadcasting autodialer software solution.
  8. Cloud ICTinnovations Open Source Telecommunication Solution

    Cloud ICTinnovations present Open Source Telecommunication Applications On One Platform.We provide different hosted PBX VPS solutions to customers. We offer Hosted PBX services at reasonable...
  9. Cloud ICTinovations Present All Open Source Applications In One Place

    Cloud ICTinnovations offer Open Source Telecommunication Applications On One Platform.We provide different hosted PBX VPS service to customers.We offer Hosted PBX services at reasonable price.Our...
  10. Press 1 Supported Autodialer Software Solution

    One of the most indispensable telemarketing services, the Press 1 Campaign suits all businesses that need to contact a target list. Press-1 Campaign also known as Interactive voice broadcasting....
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    Outbound dialer software solution

    ICTBroadcast is an outbound autodialer software solution.It broadcast thousand of calls at a time.ICTBroadcast support fax,sms,email and voice broadcasting.ICTBroadcast support sip trunking and...
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    Outbound dialer software

    If you are looking for Predictive Dialer, Auto Dialer, Power Dialer, Telemarketing software and Call Center application, then you are at the right place. ICTBroadcast is a software solution for...
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    Best Autodialer Software

    If you are looking for Predictive Dialer, Auto Dialer, Power Dialer, Telemarketing software and Call Center application, then you are at the right place. ICTBroadcast is a software solution for...
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    Monitoring and Support services

    ICTInnovations provide 24/7 support services to monitor VoIP/Linux Servers. This ensures that any outage causes minimal service disruption. We provide immediate support for any issue arising and our...
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    CDR Supported Autodialer Software Solution

    Call Detail Report and Campaign Statistics
    ICTBroadcast has chart based reporting that makes viewing and analyzing a campaign much easier. You can now view the contact details (contact list) of...
  16. Call Throttling Autodialer Software Solution

    ICTBroadcast features a complete call throttling mechanism. You can set number of channels in terms of campaign, user, trunk and node. It is also possible to increase and decrease concurrent channels...
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    Solution For Fax Broadcasting

    Faxing has a re-birth since the advent of FoIP (Fax over IP) communication and internet telephony. Fax campaign in ICTBroadcast dials numbers from contact lists and on answer by the recipient,...
  18. Are you needed marketing autodialer software solution ?

    If you needed a software which market/advertise your business millions of people with in short span of time,than you are in right place ICTBroadcast is bulk broadcasting Autodialer software which...
  19. Basic Call Center Software and Automated Dialer

    ICTBroadcast provides basic Call Center and Telemarketing software to help maximize your business productivity. ICTBroadcast is fully Automated Dialer Software.
    Inbound campaign powers ICTBroadcast...
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    Hosted SMS Broadcasting Solution

    ICTBroadcast is multi tenant, unified communications and telemarketing software solution supporting Voice, SMS, Email and Fax broadcasting. Suitable for small business owners, enterprenuers and...
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    All In one Place Broadcasting Solution

    Now you can broadcast your voice sms fax email conduct survey send reminder or contact agent all function are available in one software is ICTBroadcast.
    ICTBroadcast is multi tenant, unified...
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    Looking Voip Based Autodialer Software ?

    ICTBroadcast is a voip based autodialer software solution.
    This software is used for sending fax,voice,sms and email.This software blast thousand of call with in few seconds. ...
  23. Are You Needed Survey Autodialer Software Solution ?

    Surveys and Polls
    ICTBroadcast offers a survey campaign feature that enables you to run voice-based surveys asking recipients multiple questions, and then creating useful reports from the survey...
  24. Amazing Cheap Voice Broadcasting Software Solution

    If you are looking voice broadcasting software at competitive price do not worry ICTBroadcast is best solution for voice broadcasting.
    ICTBroadcast is a voice broadcasting software that can...
  25. Broadcasting Unified Autodialer With Free Technical Support

    If you are looking unified autoidialer software and not know how to install it and used it do not worry we provide full technical support which free of cost.We install software without any charges. ...
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