Speedflow announces a new release of its flagship product. A carrier-grade Class 4 MediaCore Solution for wholesale telecommunication providers.

MediaCore Solution is a full-function VoIP platform which includes switching, billing, transcoding modules and Revenue Assurance Mechanism Guardian. It is a carrier-grade solution designed for any sized VoIP wholesale carrier.

The release introduces new features and facilities reflecting up-to-date industry trends and expectations. Updated switching mode offers not only dialpeer routing algorithms, but also context routing for voice providers with geographically distributed server clusters. Sophisticated and tailored routing can increase call completion by up to 15%, thus, minimizing routine workflow.

The MediaCore's updated billing mechanism, Multicurrency, is available now. It allows VoIP companies to accept different national currencies during their operation, convert price lists, balances and invoices from one currency into another. Speedflow's enhanced CDR generation mechanism in the MediaCore v3.0. Call Detail Records are available for incoming and outgoing calls and are closer to real time. CDRs also include a wider range of data available. Refreshed web interface allows exporting any report in Excel files.

Speedflow made the MediaCore Class 4 VoIP Softswitch even more productive and responsive. Proving the power of synergy within developers and customers. Customer's requests have resulted in the enhanced usability and performance of the Billing and Routing systems.

The new version of the MediaCore is a turn-key solution for VoIP providers. The turn-key solution includes high-performance Class 4 Softswitch, billing, transcoding and revenue assurance system, dedicated hardware servers, collocation rack space, Internet bandwidth, technical support and software upgrades.

For more information regarding the MediaCore Solution, please contact Speedflow Software Sales Department via software_sales@speedflow.com or visit Speedflow corporate website www.speedflow.com

Speedflow has successfully operated on the VoIP market since 2004. The company provides customers with high-quality telecom services and VoIP software solutions.

Telecom services include wholesale termination, retail voice and CLI VoIP. Speedflow cooperates with Tier 1,2 and 3 carriers, calling card providers, call centres, corporate accounts, etc. Speedflow has interconnections with a broad range of carriers (TDM and VoIP).

Speedflow presents an exceptional range of Carrier-grade products and solutions:

MediaCore - Class 4 Solution with dynamic routing, implemented VoIP billing, protocol and codec converter, Revenue Assurance Mechanism Guardian. It is a single point control solution for VoIP carrier businesses.
CallMax - Class 5 switching and billing solution has a wide range of features for telecom retail operators.
Pay-n-Get - transaction processing system for distribution of any PIN code-related products and services. It is a great solution for calling card providers.
AccuCore - VoIP ERP-system designed for telecommunications service providers.

Beneficial Channel Partner (News - Alert) Program by Speedflow

Channel Partner Program by Speedflow is an opportunity for telecom companies and individuals to grow revenue with minimum efforts.

Speedflow, a UK-based VoIP Solutions developer, welcomes experienced telecom companies and individuals to join our Channel Partner Program.

The program is based on mutually beneficial conditions. It is designed to support and reward partners' achievements. The Channel Partner Program is commission based: Speedflow partners can gain up to a 30% reward.

The main partners' responsibility is to promote Speedflow VoIP Class 4 Wholesale and Class 5 Retail Solutions to potential customers and the rest is done by the Speedflow team. The company provides all negotiations, presentations, trainings and technical support. Also, Speedflow partners receive marketing and advertising assistance. They improve their profitability by distributing well known products and providing their customers with high-quality solutions.

Speedflow Channel Partner Program consists of 5 levels and the commission percentage increases with the number of sales:
Associate Channel Partner (10% commission)
Silver Channel Partner (15% commission)
Gold Channel Partner (20% commission)
Platinum Channel Partner (25% commission)
Elite Channel Partner (30% commission)

Speedflow channel partners promote the following carrier grade solutions:

MediaCore - Class 4 Softswitch with implemented VoIP billing, protocol and codec converter, Revenue Assurance Mechanism Guardian. It is a single point of control solution for VoIP carrier business.
CallMax - Class 5 Softswitch which supports Callback, IP PBX (News - Alert) functionality, Calling Card Platform.

The Speedflow Channel Partner Program is a simple way to improve company's profitability.

Complete information regarding the MediaCore Class 4 and CallMax Class 5 Solutions is available at Speedflow Communications corporate website www.speedflow.com

Speedflow has successfully operated on the VoIP market since 2004. The company specializes in providing retail and wholesale companies with software solutions and premium VoIP A to Z termination services.

For additional information, please contact the Software Sales Department at +442030 265 765 e-mail: software_sales@speedflow.com or visit company's website www.speedflow.com