My company is looking to invest in a new phone system, but something has come up that is putting a hex on the whole thing.

Our current on-premise system is a Panasonic Voicemail box (TVA-50???). The way it currently works is, an after hours caller leaves a voicemail in our "emergency mailbox". The voicemail system then dials out to the primary oncall technician to notify him/her of the pending voicemail. The technician listens to the voicemail and then calls back the customer. If the technician misses the call, the system waits 5 minutes, then calls the backup oncall technician, and then finally the support manager (who is always the final backup destination) if the backup tech misses the call.

This system has proved reliable for many years, and as we started to research cloud based phone systems (Nextiva/Voyant/etc) we quickly discovered that none of these "5 million dollar" phone systems support this basic functionality. They all have the ability to forward the call directly to the technician, but not to notify of voicemails through a dial out. We have been told the Broadsoft switch doesn't dial out under any circumstance and that our options are limited to none.

Our current plan is to keep our current voicemail system and augment it into the next cloud system with an ATA.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!