IXC is Ukrainian company was established in 1999 and has installed about 300 systems worldwide by now. The product catalogue of the company includes some great products that are developed carefully with great concern to the need of a digital age business.

The most buzzed product that the company offers is the IXC Softswitch, an amazingly designed software based tool for your business. Overall, the product is to replace the traditional call switching methods and serves nobly as a virtual call agent. The IXC Softswitch tool is a virtual tool; therefore, it is completely possible to control the working of it is using computer software. The Softswitch is not just a voice calling device, but the device is also capable of handling the fax and video call along with the general voice calls. In laymenís terms- this device from IXC is an efficient device that works to connect one line to another line for cooling purpose. It is possible that most of us consider it as an IP call software while in reality the device can also control calls to landlines as well.

Purchasing the most effective Softswitch is crucial for your business and to make it complex the market is full of choices. Higher quality in communication and billing services is a must for your business and therefore to maintain the high quality of business functions it is recommended that you use the virtual Softswitch manufactured by the IXC. IXC is a reliable and trustworthy company for the product quality and has immense experience in this field of devices and softwares.

In general opinion the biggest benefit of using this device is its applicability to work as a billing services as well as the voice Softswitch. The product provides a number of advanced features such as call proxy, call gatekeeper, authentication for security, and many others. IXC also manufactures other VoIP solutions in a wide range for both retail and wholesale communication based companies.

IXC.UA is a great company that offers some top notch quality softwares in VoIP and Softswitch segments. The other added benefit is that the product is available at affordable prices and is always a value for money. The company also offers the facility to rent hosted billing systems on specific terms and reasonable price. You can contact the IXC for the systems they offer and for further information at info@ixc.ua or http://www.ixc.ua or you can call them on +38 044 239 9740.

Contact person: Sergey Sharkov
City: Kyiv
Country: Ukraine
Phone: + 38 (044) 239-97-40
Email: info@ixc.ua
Website: http://www.ixc.ua