VoIP Service Providers face challenges regarding smooth call connectivity, blockage free service, flexibility, limited bandwidth while delivering VoIP calling services to their customers.

TelePacket, is one of the renowned software solution providers which help VoIP service providers to get rid of these issues with its advanced mobile VoIP application-TP Smart Dialer. Now, you can offer flawless services and gain more customers.

Anti-blocking Solution
TP Smart Dialer works in blocked network areas using an advanced tunnelling technology. It can invade through any network blockage and paves the way for a smooth communication process.

All Network Dialer
TP smart mobile dialer has the capability to perform on all networks, which makes it stand apart. Now, you donít need to depend upon different dialers and opcodes for different countries.

The Ultimate Bandwidth Saver
TP Smart Dialer absorbs only 8kbps bandwidth during an internet call using its excellent bandwidth saving technology. So expand your business and offer hassle free services even in low bandwidth areas.

Standard Softswitch Connectivity
TP Smart Dialer works with every standard softswitch including VoIP Switch, iTel Switch Plus, PortaSwitch, NextG etc.

Absolute Voice Clarity
Offer break & noise free voice calls to the users with TP Smart Dialer. Customers will never complain of voice issues if they use TP Smart Dialer.

Multiple Platforms Support
This VoIP Dialer is available on all major platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. So, VoIP service providers have the flexibility to cater to the requirements of a larger customer base.

Complete Customization
TelePacket offers complete white label dialer solution for VoIP service providers. The dialer can be customized and branded as per the needs of the service provider.

24X7 Technical Support
Instant support via call, chat, email & even on WhatsApp and Skype to all TelePacketís customers. Isnít that exciting?

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