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    hi, greeting from Chinaskyline Bolt
    We are looking for ncli routes from below destinations.
    Chad(2356, 2359) 50k
    Ethiopia(251) 20k
    Sudan(239Zain) 35k
    Philippines(63Global, Smart) 500k
    Nepal(977 Spice, NTC) 50k
    BD(8801) 100k
    Georgia(995) 100k
    Nigeria(234) 50k
    Afganistan(937) 50k
    Syria(963) 10k
    Saudi(966) 10k
    Yeman(967) 30k
    Egypt(201) 30k
    UAE(971) 10k
    Thailand(66) 50k
    Iraq(964) 5k

    If there is any ports avaible for above destinations, ping me, plz.
    We can provide u goip if u connected with us.

    Chinaskyline Bolt
    Skype/whatsapp:+86 136 1296 5331

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    *Huge Live traffic* for below destinations:
    *【Urgently】 BD(880)*
    *〖Urgently〗 India(91)*
    *【Urgently】 Pakistan(9230, 9231, 9233, 9234)*
    *〖Urgently〗 Sudan(249 ZAIN,MTN)*
    *【Urgently】 South Sudan(211)*
    *〖Urgently〗 Indonesia(62)*
    *【Urgently】 Ethiopia(251)*
    *〖Urgently〗 Nepal(977)*
    *〖Urgently〗 Chad(2356, 2359)*
    Anyone have routes plz contact me!

    Chinaskyline Bolt
    Whatsapp:+86 136 1296 5331

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    Need Ncli routes.
    Ping me if u have ports avaible.
    We can provide u credit for gateway if u connected us on routes.
    Provide technical support to help new guys in VoIP business. We can help u set up the work and maintain it well.

    Chinaskyline Bolt
    Skype/Whatsapp:+86 136 1296 5331

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