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Get Sippy Server & VOS All Version at Lowest Cost Version Available Upto 10000CC & More:

V2.1.2.4 Hosted Dedicated Server Starts @Rental 99 USD
V2.1.3.2 Hosted Dedicated Server Starts @Rental 125 USD
V2.1.4.0 Hosted Dedicated Server Starts @Rental 149 USD
V2.1.6.00 Hosted Dedicated Server Starts @Rental 399 USD

Sippy Softswitch 4.5 Cloud Hosted Rental Starts @199 USD
Sippy Softswitch 4.5 Dedicated Hosted Rental Starts @399 USD

For Server Security, We Implement these Multiple anti hacking Solutions to avoid any hacking attempts on server such as:
1. Admin Password hacking attempts Solution
2. Port 80 User Account Scanning for Passwords Solution
3. SIP Port 5060 Dialer Scann attack with multiple IPs Solutions.

Contact For More Details:
Palak Bhatia (Carrier Relationship Manager)
Easy Server & Hosting Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Email easytalk.palak@outlook.com

Mob:- +918432019027
Web:- http://www.easyserver.co.in