CLOUDFONICA offers $5 USD ‘Free’ credit for customers to run their voip call termination! Customers can start running call termination in less than 30 minutes after registration. This is a limited time offer. Other T & C applies.

Visit or contact us in Skype:marketing.cloudfonica to register and get the $5 free credit for Voip Call Termination!

Why CLOUDFONICA is the unique Bandwidth Optimization Platform for VoIP call termination?
 Available for both PC/laptop and PI(PC Less) based devices
 Only $60 USD/32 Port/Month. Now offering $5 Free credit!
 Multi Tunnel(up to 8 tunnels) deployment to prevent internet blocking
 Increase or Decrease ports with a single click! Make more profit!
 Cancel or Create IP immediately! Reduce cost in SIM blocking issues!
 Runs 5 times more calls in limited bandwidth. Better ACD/ASR and Call Connectivity
 Self-managed service. Reduce your costs of premium support.