RKZ Communications is a fast growing VoIP service solution provider registered in New York,USA. Having a very good global reputation we are dealing millions of traffic daily with A-Z termination.
Having huge live traffic currently we need the following route(s) in urgent.

* Morocco
* Malaysia
* India
* Srilanka
* Libya
* Nigeria

Please feel free to contact me through Skype or send me an email anytime.

Also let me know if you have any other direct FAS-free, stable, Non CLI routes with competitive rates so that we can send our traffic through your network. Your business with us will be highly appreciated!


Our software is based on Microsoft Windows, C#, .NET, WPF, HTML, JavaScript and C/C++. Our services include:
Tracking user experience and improving software based on feedback.
Getting instant bug reports and fixing problems swiftly.
Keeping codebase clean and healthy, massive refactoring and optimizing of code.
Running extensive stress tests
Talking and responding to customers, their needs and feedback.
Our goal is to bring people together from all over the globe. We stand by the belief of keeping good faith and are always ready to build strong and long term partnerships with operators. We are proud of high stability and easy maintenance of our software. We value easy, understandable GUI, and fast learning curve for the customers, efficiency of GUI and API, and prompt bug fixing.
Please Contact:

Tasnia R Karim

Sales Representative
Corporate Office: 167-10,
Highland Avenue, Jamaica,NY-11432.
E-mail: sales3@rkzcommunications.com
Skype: sales3@rkzxommunications.com