Latest Itelswitch Version 7.2.0 Features of 150 CC at only $89/month
* WebSite customization Panel to Customize your website to upload Header Logo, Login Logo, Billing Logo, Homepage Image, add advertising for Resellers and End Users.
* E-Mail Alert Configuration Panel to send email on CPU, Memory, Disk Usage, ASR, ACD, PDD Alerts, Unusual Traffic, Unusunal Recharge, Expensive Route,
* Low Balance Alert, Termination Gateway Down Alert etc
* With Built In Firewall that has separate Admin port and firewall along,
* Fail2BAN AntiHackTool at Admin/User Login level.
* SIP Port 5060 Dialer Scan Attack Blocking.
* New Customer Signup URL.
* Core4Billing URL.
* Mobile Billing iphone and Andriod APP.
* DID module.
* Callshop Module.
* Daily Backup Service.
* 24/7 Support and Monitoring etc.

**Itelswitch and Itel Dialer Packages**

8 Core 8GB Cloud ITelSwitch 150 CC - $89/Month
16 Core 16GB Cloud ITelSwitch 300 CC - $119/Month
24 Core 24GB Cloud ITelSwitch 450 CC - $149/Month

8 Core 8GB Dedicated ITelSwitch 300 CC -$139/Month
24 Core 8GB Dedicated ITelSwitch 600 CC -$199/Month
24 Core 16GB SSD Dedicat ITelSwitch 900 CC -$279/M

All our Itel Dialers comes with Dedicated Bytesaver Server with 40 Rotating IP

Itel Mobile Dialer Express 100 CR - $89/Month
Itel Mobile Dialer Express 200 CR - $109/Month
Itel Mobile Dialer Express 300 CR - $129/Month

Itel Mobile Dialer Express Plus 600 CR - $179/Month
Itel Mobile Dialer Express Plus 1200 CR - $239/Month
Itel Mobile Dialer Express Plus 1800 CR - $299/Month

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