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If you buy/sell voip minutes or you have your own voip gateway, then VOS3000 softswitch is needed for your business to manage customers and providers for call detail records(CDR), balance, traffic authorization

-Easy to use and friendly user interface
-Route/terminate calls from VOS3000 Server to GSM VOIP Gateway(GOIP) without static ip
- Free anti-hacking security service protecting your switch not be downed from remote hacking.
- Cheap and affordable monthly rental
- Friendly support 24/7
- Full modules & standard version
- Global data centers in USA, Asia, Euro…
- VOS3000 as the top of softswitch for handling large calls, it is very stable better than other switch such as VOIPSwitch, especially wholesale minutes where hundreds/thousands ports work simultaneously.
- With VOS3000Hosting, as plug & play service, no hardware or software investment, just pay affordable fee to maintain service monthly without complex technical Linux knowledge.
- Premium bandwidth makes your voice cleared and optimizes latency of voice minimized

Try service today with affordable price, bring your business more stable & valuable?

We would like to inform our stable VOS3000 hosted service service with the following attractive plans:

Our plan is just from $59 monthly, please view more plans at or

All plans above also include:
-Free support 24/7
-Free dedicated IP
-No hidden fee
-Server fee, bandwidth fee and others

If customer is interested in our service or having further question, please contact us
-SkypeID/WindowsLiveID : info_7914
-Email: info(--at--)

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