Vos3000ís Introduction

VOS3000 VoIP Operation Platform

VOS3000 is designed for small and medium scale carrier-class operations by Linknat Ltd. In addition to providing Account Management,Rate Management, Package Management, Cards Management, Gateway Management, Phone Management, Soft-switch Management, IVR Management, System Management, User Management, Data Query and Web Self-Service System, Increased DTMF delivery methods,Signaling trace, Interface Shortcuts, Sound management,and many functions needed by VoIP business operation, including the Billing System, it is really "all in one" product. Professional Developed for the VoIP wholesale and terminal operations.

This system also integrates add-on modules like the Calling Card/Call Back Business System (support 6 million cards) and Extreme Media Proxy, for you to build a stable , reliable and high-performance operating system.

VOS3000 softswitch supports SIP/H323/SIP-H323, with capacity up to 5,000 simultaneous calls. After marketing testing, the VOS3000 softswitch proves to be a stable and reliable high performance system.

System Performance
Single server: 5,000 simultaneous calls
Media forwarding capability: >=4,000 simultaneous calls
Call per second: 2000CPS (7,200,000 BHCA)
Protocol: SIP,H323,HTTP,UDP
System characteristics of VOS Operation Solution
1.High stability and high capacity , support backup of gateway routing, business will not be effected if individual termination gateway failure;
2,Load balancing mechanism and overload protection mechanism.
3. Easy extension,We constantly introduced to the market the value-added business module,which will help the system to meet the ever-changing market requirements.Such as global card business system,the enterprise operator,etc
4. Detailed & reliable billing system, real-time billing,The centralized rate management support tens of thousands of ways to set rates, exactly matched according to number prefix ,Rich pricing strategy,The billing accuracy is up to 7 decimal places.
5. Convenient client management: through friendly interface, simple operation and management of the desk client ,you can easily look for business configuration, real-time monitoring system analysis, performance analysis, operation, maintenance and remote audit function.
6. Flexible routing function, can be set according to the routing strategies automatically or manually call-routing .
7. The smooth development can fit with end-user,wholesale customers,agents,etc

For small and medium scale Carrier-class VoIP operators
VoIP voice network construction and value-added business applications for large enterprise customers
IP-PBX and other value-added services platform

In 2017,China Skyline Telecom Co.,Ltd and Linknat Limited formed a strategic content and marketing partnership as exclusive agent to carry out Sales/Tech Support concerning VOS 3000 In the international market.

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