With the help of a video softphone, you will be able to make calls using your smartphones. Its software in the form of Skype which uses the Internet to make calls. You will be able to make video calls with the usage of the microphone, headset and VoIP provider over IP or VoIP, calls.

Video Softphone Can Help You With:

There are a number of reason because of which the need for video softphone is on the rise today. The experts have developed this amazing technology with the combination of a wide range of features. All of this can actually come with the phones itself. With some basic features, you will also be getting extensive attributes as you can manage your entire business communication with ease. With the help of a video softphone, you will be able to:

* Audio Call (App to App and App to PSTN)
* Video Call (App to App)
* Video Conferencing
* Instant Messaging / App to App Chat
* Group Chat
* Call Conferencing
* File Sharing ( Picture, messages, images, videos and files Sharing)
* Chat History
* Geo Location Based Calling
* Invite to friend
* Background Syncing
* Push Notification and Floating Notification
* In-app registration for new users using their mobile no. (similar to Whatsapp)
* SMS authentication with one time Password
* In-app recharge using Paypal and Credit card information
* Top-up using credit card or voucher
* Recent Call
* Phone Book (Synchronize with Phone Address Book
* NAT/Firewall support
* STUN server Support
* Codec Supported :- Audio Codec(G729), Video Codec (VP8)
* Registration Timeout
* Acoustic Echo Cancellation
* Packet concealing
* Packet Lost Concealment (PLC)
* Comfort Noise Generator (CNG)
* Customized with company logo/name
* Unlimited user license

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