Dear VoIP Provider,
When a VoIP business starts, it requires significant investments to the equipment, software, technical staff and rental fees in the data centers. Using the cloud technologies, which became regular in our life PortaLinks is glad to offer you a remote cloud based technology: VoIP Service Provider Solution. Our carrier-grade platform allows providing a full range of VoIP and internet services without additional expenses:

Powerful hosted billing system
Class 4/5 SIP softswitch
Profit guarantee feature
Support of any number of external RADIUS-compliant gateways
Anti-fraud protection (tools and on-line monitoring)
On-line overdraft protection for both pre-paid and post-paid customers
Real-time CallShop billing system
Real-time reporting
Flexible Call Routing (LCR, Priority based, Fail-over, Adaptive)
NAT Traversal Support
CODEC transparent
Automated Credit and Payment control
Automated Invoicing
E-payments support
Multi-currency support for both Customers and Vendors
Multi-language administration and customer self-care interfaces
Multi-level user interface (Service Provider, Reseller, Customer, Account, etc.)
Multiple ready-to-use IVR scenarios
Multi-level tariff management features
SIP call control
Unified Messaging
IP Centrex
Calling Card and CallBack management

In order to get detailed information regarding the solution please fill up an application form at our web-site or contact us directly by e-mail: or phone: +3228087258. We shall be glad to assist you!