Are you looking for a prominent company to help you with best Unified Communication and Collaboration requirements?

Great! You are just in the right place, as Adore Infotech is one of the most reliable solution providers in the industry to help you with all telecom related solutions.

What to like about both application?

There is plenty to like about both WhatsApp and Adore Communicator:
WhatsApp and Adore Communicator are both free to download.
Both services provide end-to-end encryption.
WhatsApp and Adore Communicator both supports groups and video calls.
Both services are available for just about every mobile device (iOS & Android).
They both work over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.
Both offer instant messaging, voice, and video call to other users.
Both allow transmission of photos, documents, spreadsheets, and audio and video clips.

Additional Features in Adore Communicator which WhatsApp does not have
PSTN Calling (Landline, GSM Calling)
International Mobile Top Up (Worldwide)
Video Conferencing in Android and iPhone App

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