Optima SIM Saver is the most advanced ‘Call Filter’ solution in VoIP world. Optima SIM Saver increases SIM lifetime gradually when using accordingly. It’s intelligent SIM management system reduces SIM blocking issue by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and Human Behaviour features. In fact ‘Optima SIM Saver’ works better than many expensive gateways/solutions with same type of features at less cost!

Few features of Optima SIM Saver:

*Blacklists and whitelists of phone numbers/ Caller IDs to protect from the Operator’s calls
*Maintaining Call Gaps between calls to simulate Human Behaviour
*Monitoring number/Caller ID length pattern while receiving calls
*Building the list of preferred numbers for each SIM
*Fully Auto bucket system and also Can manually add whitelist number.
*Extending SIM lifetime with dual(Callee+Caller) filtering technology
*Support any kind Of SIP supported Gateway
*User friendly portal helps clients to manage their calls in their convenience.
*Advance CDR system provides facility to check calls in different ways such as Carrier wise , Gateway wise etc.
*Together with Optima Saver (PC/Pi/Router based) bandwidth optimization and tunneling solution, Optima SIM Saver performs the best for call termination businesses.
*Optima SIM Saver is compatible with all other available bandwidth optimization solutions.

We are here to help you implementing Optima SIM Saver for your call termination businesses.

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Email: info@improlabs.com
Web : www.optimasaver.com