Alaris Labs, a vendor of solutions for telecom carriers, announces a new release of its inVoice billing system. The new release now supports processing SMS traffic of a transit carrier. This functionality allows a voice carrier to reach out its service coverage to SMS field.

The version 3.1.0 of the Alaris inVoice system provides instruments for complete scope of tasks related to billing and routing of SMS traffic. The system logics successfully resolves one of the main issues in reselling SMS messages: SMS traffic is routed based on standard e.164 number format, while all rates related operations, including prices negotiations with partners, are based on e.212/e.214 number format (also known as MCC/MNC Mobile Country Code + Mobile Network Code). Alaris inVoice dynamically matches the two number formats both for billing and routing purposes. The rate import process is user friendly and allows importing rates in both the formats; a number of data consistency checks as well as syntax errors and logical errors checks (such as duplicate records check, incorrect price values check, etc.) provides for error-free and seamless rate import process. The system also does SMS messages rating and invoicing, including different options for invoicing period, correction of invoices, flexible invoices search options.

Another important function incorporated into Alaris inVoice is dynamic fully automatic SMS traffic routing capability. The choice of vendors to send an SMS message to is based on either cost of the vendor route, margin the system owner generates on a particular message, two parameters of success rate of a route (one of them is based on the ability of the vendor to accept an SMS message for delivery, the other one is based on the end user level delivery reports). Real-time reporting interfaceallows for instant visualization of the traffic behavior.

The solution includes Alaris SMS Platform, which is responsible for processing the SMS messages. Thus, the combination of the Alaris inVoice billing system and Alaris SMS Platform becomes acomplete solution to run transit SMS business.

In total more than 60 enhancements and more than 20 bug fixes were incorporated in 3.1.0 release. The new version will be available for clients as of November 14, 2012.

About Alaris Labs
Alaris Labs is a leading developer of telecommunication carrier-grade solutions. The company offers billing & routing systems and business automation tools for wholesale interconnect and voice transit operations. Alaris Labs has got more than 10 years of technological and marketing expertise in the telecom business. Company website: