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    In VoIP deployments where a centralized IP PBX controls remote-office phones, the WAN connection is a voice and data lifeline. If the link goes down, dial tone as well as Internet and network access can be lost. Some vendors include technology in their routers or remote gateways that lets remote IP phone users to continue making phone calls through a back-up T-1 or ISDN line if the main links to a central IP PBX are lost.

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    If the network fails, internet phones will not respond to calls. However, some providers such as FastPBX have disaster proof fail over technology that can still maintain call connectivity even when network connectivity is non existent.

    check it out here:

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    The question asked by you is the concern of most of the companies/individuals who want to give VoIP a try. But the companies providing a VoIP service are the ones who are even more concerned. Since, VoIP being their service and their clients are very important to them. So they design a fail proof plan so that even if the network fails then the load is transferred to another server. The switch is so swift and gentle, that even if there is a call going on and the network fails. The people talking over VoIP won't even notice. So your concern gets taken care of.

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    I don't understand how there is any room for network failure with today's VoIP technology. FastPBX's reliable geo-redundant towers makes it so calls never get dropped. It's impossible for any network failure because there is always a tower waiting to back up your communication lines.

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    This is good to know, as some of the companies I work with have still been hesitant to make the switch, despite how widespread VOIP solutions are becoming. This is great news for me, as I desperately need voicemail transcription!

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