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    Hi I'm an IT guy and know a thing or two about asterisk, but I know very little about the greater scheme of things, like: carriers and regulations.

    Our company has several thousands DIDs (used as tracking numbers for marketing purposes)
    For now, we are buying our DIDs from voip-innovation and, and paying about $1.00 / Month for each DID (usa local).
    *the actual call volume on this DIDs are low.

    I would like to understand if we can save few thousands dollars a month in any way.
    Both voip-innovation and allow to "port out"

    So the main question is:
    How can we reduce those monthly fees?

    Sub questions:
    - Do voip-innovation have a middle-man charge between me and the local provider? (if local provider is even the right term)
    - What do I need to set up - in order to port DID out to our self? (is that the way to go?)

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    DID Service Providers, convert the analog to digital and provide these DID numbers over the Internet, with SIP or IAX2.

    Not sure how much it'll save, but it's worth some investigation. You can read more about it here.

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