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Vps version 2.986.xxxx
voip box
All latest released version

VPS RSC version : Voip switch new technology RSC version vps work on 2 server . data base in linux server and monitoring configure cdr etc from windows server . Linux centos and windows 2012 for RSC version.
RSC version hack free and stable ever. Performance super stable and smooth .
We offer cluster load balance with vps voip switch.cluster offer up to 15000 calls and work for telecom or carrier.

Modules :
Whole sale / reseller / retails / DID / CallBack module / CallingCards module / CallShop module / PBX module / Presence module / FaxServer module / Transcoding module / online shop / online gateway etc
About VPS :
VPS windows base class4 & 5 switch + billing .its a complete solution for all voip activities
The SIP protocol defines several functional components. These functional entities can be implemented as a separate server, or the same server can perform multiple functions. VoipSwitch’s class 5 softswitch acts as:
Proxy server — performs call routing, authentication, authorization and address resolution
Registrar server — User Agents register their location with a registrar server, which places that information into a location database. A registrar server responds to location requests from other servers.
Back-to-back user agent (B2BUA) — This server acts as a User Agent server and client at the same time. It terminates the signaling from the calling client and then initiates signaling to the called party. B2BUAs are allowed to change the content of requests, giving them more control over the call parameters.
Presence server — This server gathers presence information from Presentities and subscription information from Watchers, and sends status notifications.
VoipSwitch performs its charging and authentication functions through its own, integrated billing module.
VoipSwitch can also interact with other application servers which comprise Voip Box and Media Relay (TURN). They fulfill various roles depending on their configuration and can provide services, such as:
Transcoding – enables communication for audio stream encoded using different compression methods.
Fax server – encodes documents to the t38 fax protocol so they can be sent over VoIP networks; also decodes and puts in users’ fax boxes (email to fax/fax to email)
Aside of VPS we have MORx kolmisoft / Mera II / Mera mvts pro / Bilberry / A2 billing with 4000 calls with mobile dialer / Vos3000 / Porta one and many more
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